Artificial Intelligence College

AI Experience Room

Smart Application Scenario - AI Experience Room

Currently, there are 6 areas planned for the AI ​​Experience Room, including:


AI Briefing area

Smart Home

Show area an equipment introduction, flow analysis system, etc.

       Interact with multiple intelligent control and voice systems.       

Smart Robot

Smart Traffic


Assist the show area and library to guide.

Combining unmanned cars and unmanned airplane to learning to technology applications and teaching development.   VIDEO

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Factory

Using LEGO assembly, simulation of industrial 4.0 automation production and other scenarios.   VIDEO

Smart medical aid system to assist patients in rehabilitation.


Phase 2 planning of AI Experience Room


Mechanical arm

Through the game allows the patient to train balance.

In the future, related applications such as automated coffee brewing will be assisted.


The robot will be a librarian in the future. 

The library guided tour, description,  book consultations and event announcements, etc.

PS:The AI Experience Room provides 25 to 30 person, and all units, teachers and students are welcome to experience.
If you need to keep the area, please provide "time, number of people, purpose" and consult the staff before 5 working days with
Thank you.